It is the goal of Learning Years Day School to help foster and develop each child’s potential to its fullest. Experience provided to achieve this goal is based on age-appropriate tasks for each child within our groups. Through these activities, the child will be given the opportunity to succeed, encouraging the development of a positive self concept.
Having the advantage of extended day care, Learning Years creates a strong educational environment within an extended family setting. Developing a secure and happy unit will help strengthen the learning process by blending the concepts of day care in a nurturing and loving surrounding. Preschool Picture
Activities planned encompass:
Monthly newsletters and calendars are sent out in advance in all classes so that parents can prepare ahead of time and know what will be in their child's day.

At Learning Years we have divided our programs into five areas:

Infant and Toddlers Infants and Toddlers
Preschool Preschool
Junior Kindergarten Junior Kindergarten
Kindergarten Kindergarten
School Age School Age

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