At Learning Years Day School we adhere to some common-sense policies and procedures. Although they may seem trivial to enumerate, in many institutions such procedures have not been implemented. We take the responsibility of your child very seriously, and have devised these rules to ensure the safety of your child.

No child will be released to a person not pre-authorized by a parent/guardian. We must have written or verbal authorization. The person picking up your child must present photo ID to the office staff before your child will be released.

Growth and Development
When you enroll your child in our school, we assume the responsibility of giving you assistance with special needs in relation to your child’s school adjustment and his/her growth and development. Children will be placed in a class determined first by their chronological age and second by their developmental ability. There may be times throughout the year that we may suggest a move up of your child, though normal procedure is for the children to move up at the start of the summer or in September.

Adjusting to School
Every child needs time to adjust to a new situation. We suggest you give your child two full weeks (10 school days) before evaluating how your child is adjusting to his/her new school experience. A child who comes on an erratic schedule, is absent frequently, or comes less than three days a week is at a disadvantage and often needs to repeat the adjustment procedure frequently. Some children cry, others are shy, and still others become excitable. How each child adjusts will be determined by his/her unique personality, but some indication of change is quite normal and to be expected.

We view discipline as positive guidance, not punishment. Re-direction or time out is the primary form of discipline used at Learning Years. We will also suggest clay to pound on, punching bags to hit and finger-painting to soothe jagged feelings. Discipline will be fair, consistent, reasonable and will be based on an understanding of the child’s stage of developmental and emotional needs. Acceptable behavior and respect for the rights of others will be expected of children at Learning Years, and our staff will help a child achieve this goal. We do not use verbal or physical abuse or punitive punishment, and we will not accept this kind of behavior from the children.

Parent Involvement
We encourage parental involvement in our programs. Parents may visit anytime. Parents may also become part of our staff through the Parent Participation Program. This program offers a parent the opportunity to work at Learning Years, in a classroom other than the one in which his/her child is enrolled. This service can be used in lieu of partial or full tuition. See the office if you are interested in more details!

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